1 About this lesson

This lesson is for a person who will take a test for exchanging foreign driver’s license.
In the skill test, you drive only on the course in Driver’s License Center, not on the road.
We provide the lessons in the course of the Driver’s License Center.

2 Flow of getting a driver’s license

  • Apply for exchanging your foreign driver’s license to a Japanese one at the Driver’s License Center at Futamatagawa, in order to confirm whether it is possible to exchange your license.
  • Contact M support
  • Driving lessons at the test course in Driver’s License Center
    (Reservation is required.)
  • Driving test at the Driver’s License Center
  • Got your license!!

Requirements for application to the Driver’s License Center

  1. A valid foreign driver’s license
  2. An official translation of the license You need to submit a Japanese translation of your foreign driver’s license issued by Embassy or Consulate of your country. Or the translation service is available at JAF(Japan Automobile Federation; TEL 045-482-1255).
  3. Current passport
  4. A Certificate of Residence that shows your domicile
    (nationality for non-Japanese)
  5. Resident Card, Certificate for Special Permanent Resident, etc.
    (foreign applicants only)
  6. Photo 3cm×2.4cm
  7. Japanese driver’s license even if expired (if you have it)
  8. International Driving Permit (if you have it)
  9. Fee: Fees vary depending on types of license or on whether or not you need to take driving ability test. Please contact Driver’s License Center for more details before applying in person.

Driver’s License Center,Kanagawa
Tel. 045-365-3111 (Pilot Number)

3 Lesson fee

Driver's License Center:¥6,000/per hour(Driver’s License Center Course fee is not included)

4 Feature

・ Short term Low price:

You can freely decide how many lessons you take.

・ Perfect instruction to pass the driving test:

We all know what you need to do for the driving test and provide good lessons that have
a lot of important points. We support you using the driving test course.

5 For the person who's Foreign license has expired!!

We also support the person who's Foreign license has expired but trying to get Japanese license. For more information please contact us.

6 Contact

Please contact us if you have any questions.

TEL: 046-205-4334

Open daily from 9:00 ~ 18:00